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TX-XX4 4-axis CNC Resharpener Introduction

TX-XX4 is a fully automatic 4-axis CNC numerical control grinding machine specially designed for tool re-grinding, which can ensure the grinding precision of the tool, improve the production efficiency, save the use cost and facilitate the operation. Self-developed CNC operating system, 4-axis s linkage, intuitive 3D operation interface, easy to operate without experience. In the case that the 4-axis mechanical basic conditions can be met, the grinding program for developing any non-standard tool can be customized.

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Technical data of TX-XX4 4-axis CNC Resharpener

1.Maximum travel on the X-axis:300mm

2. X-axis repeated positioning accuracy:0.002mm;

3. Maximum moving speed on the X-axis:5000mm/min;

4. Maximum travel on the Y-axis:120mm;

5. Y-axis repeated positioning accuracy:0.002mm;

6. Maximum moving speed on the Y-axis:5000mm/min;

7. Maximum travel on the C-axis:0-200°;

8. C axis repeated positioning accuracy:0.005°;

9. Maximum moving speed on the C-axis:300°/s;

10. Maximum travel on the A-axis:Endless ∞;

11. An axis repeated positioning accuracy:0.02°;

12. Maximum moving speed on the A-axis:400°/s;

13. Position control:Closed-loop stepper motor x4;

14. Drive way:Lead screw drive straight(X, Y-axis); Synchronous belt (A axis);

15. The clamping range:Φ3-Φ20mm;

16. Tool clamping length:30-65mm;

17. Tool length:50-200mm;

18. Tool material:Carbide and high-speed steel(HSS);

19. Detecting position:Three-dimensional detector;

20. Tool grinding type:Two, three, four edge milling cutters (including side edge, two edges, grinding unequal edge), round nose cutter, drill, arc drill, three bevel drill, magic drill, wiretapping (grinding guide and bottom), chamfering cutter.

21. Open center mode:X, R, A model

22. Power:380V 2.5KW 50/60HZ

23. Spindle power:2.2KW;

24. Speed:3000-10000RPM;

25. The linear speed of grinding wheel:36m/s;

26. Overall dimension:700*850*1400mm;

27. Weight:200kg;

28.Cutting oil,Insoluble grinding oil,Rail oil:(ISO VG 32)




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