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APE 60 – Big Drill Sharpening Machine

Precision APE 60 – big drill sharpening machine, thanks to perfect tool sharpening, Cough sharpening machines speed up drill ling processes, increasing drill per for manse as well as achieving a more rational use of the drills and using the power installed in machine tools and CNC machining centers in the best post sidle way. High-quality APE 60 – Sharpening Machine comprises a base, which supports a horizontal wheel-center electric spindle and a bit holding chuck.

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Precision APE 60 – Big Drill Sharpening Machine Product Features:

1. APE 60 universal drill tool grinder every model is equipped with a vertical wheel center electric spindle which can be positioned as needed and is mounted on a support so that the two grinding wheels are perfectly synchronized and able to thin out the central core of the drill and also sharpen diamond drills.
2. APE 60 universal drill tool grinder is suitable for diamond drills grinding. And very convenient for customers to operate it after several days.

Sharpening diameter                                                     from 3 to 60 mm
Right and left cutting edges                                           from 1 to 12
Drill angle 40°-180°
Horizontal wheel center electric spindle power        1.5 kW
Vertical wheel center electric spindle power              0.18 kW
Pump motor power                                                         0.06 kW
Approximate weight                                                        270 kg
Machine dimensions (mm)                                            1040 x 750 x 1250

Application and After-Sales Service:

1. In order to facilitate users to operate the machine, we also provide the instruction and parts manual of APE 60 drill tool grinder, not including the quick-wear part;
2. Warranty period: One-year limited warranty;

APE 60 drill tool grinder supplied accessories: Base, vertical electric spindle, water cooling system, a halogen lamp, chuck, set of 4 cams for right-hand tools with 1-2-3-4-6 cutting edges, grinding wheels.

High-quality APE 60 – Sharpening Machine optional equipment: diamond and CBN grinding wheels. An air-cooled and pneumatic suction cooling system can be supplied as an alternative to the water-cooling system.


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