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BT-2 Grinding Wheel Dressing Machine

BT-2 grinding wheel dressing machine adopts the principle of different material and different rotational speed between the repaired wheel and the repairing wheel to realize the shape dressing of the repaired wheel. The machine itself can dress the grinding wheel group composed of diamond grinding wheel, CBN grinding wheel and multiple grinding wheels simply and efficiently. BT-2 grinding wheel dressing machine can dress the plane, angle, arc and forming grinding wheel. The machine is simple to operate and has high accuracy.

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Product Features of BT-2 Grinding Wheel Dressing Machine:

1. The precise linear sliding track and ball screw are adopted, and the digital grating ruler is added. When the grinding wheel is dressed, the positioning accuracy and width dimension are adjusted and measured at any time.

2. High precision bearings are used in both rotating axles, which have achieved rotating accuracy and stability.

3. The speed of dressing wheel, the swing speed of left and right, the size of swing stroke and the position of grinding wheel can be adjusted.

4. The speed of the repaired grinding wheel is adjustable, and the position of the repaired grinding wheel can be adjusted by cross slide.

5. The angle of the dressing wheel can be adjusted more accurately and more conveniently by adding the circular grating to the manual shaft. The display accuracy is 0.05 °.

6. A CCD camera with a magnification of 15 to 120 times can measure and check the arc, angle, sharp angle and size of grinding wheel in work.

7. CCD and grating size devices provide simple settings and measurements of grinding wheel width and position as well as inspection during or after dressing. The measurement accuracy can reach 0.005-0.01mm.

Main Technical Parameters of BT-2 Grinding Wheel Dressing Machine And Accessories

1. The taper of Diamond /CBN wheel spindle: BT30

2. Maximum diameter of Diamond/CBN wheel: ϕ200mm

3. The minimum diameter of the Diamond /CBN wheel: ϕ60mm

4. The maximum thickness of the Diamond /CBN wheel: 80

5. The bore of Diamond /CBN wheel: ϕ31.75mm

6. Speed of Diamond /CBN wheel: 720 rpm/min

7. Motor power of Diamond /CBN wheel: 750W

8. Left and right distance of Diamond /CBN wheel: 120mm

9. Front and back distance of Diamond /CBN wheel: 125mm

10. Repairing wheel (SIC) specification: ϕ180*10*ϕ31.75mm

11. Repairing wheel (SIC) speed: 10-3000 rpm/min

12. Left and right swing number of repairing wheel (SIC): 1-60Hz

13. Left and right swing distance of repairing wheel (SIC): 0-50mm

14. Motor power of repairing wheel (SIC): 750W

15. Motor power of swinging: 15W

16. The angle of repairing wheel is manually selected: ±90°

16. Angle of repairing wheel is manually selected ±90° 17 Magnification of CCD: 15-120 Times.


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