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BT100 CBN Tool Grinder

BT-100 CNC tool grinder is made by Beijing DEMINA, and equipped with special digital control system, based on Windows 7 tool grinding application software package, CBN tool sharpening machine is used for grinding and making the end edge and side edge of HSS and solid carbide drills, flat end mill, ball end mill, arc chamfer milling cutter(R) . These include 5-axis CBN tool grinding machine and 5-axis CBN tool grinding.

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5-axis CBN tool grinding machine Product Features

1. 5-axis CBN tool grinding made from cast iron base, the linear horizontal transverse axis (X), a horizontal longitudinal axis (Y) and the workpiece rotation axis (A) are is installed on the bed of the frame.
2. The grinding wheel head and the vertical linear axis (Z)are installed on the rotation axis(B). They are all made from cast iron and installed on the machine bed. The rotation spindle is imported from abroad with high precision worm and gear.
3. All linear shafts are adopted imported precision ball screw and guide rail, to ensure high precision, high sensitivity, and good durability.

Application and After-Sales Service:

1. In order to facilitate users to operate the machine, we also provide the instruction and parts manual, not including the quick-wear part;
2. One-year limited warranty;
3. Delivery time: 45 workdays after we received the deposit if any special requirement can be consulted;
4. Payment terms: T/T, 30% down payment in advance, 70% balance payment before delivery;
5. Package: wooden case;
6. Offer Validity: 90 days.

Production line configuration:

1. The Swiss Tool. Wizard company developed the software with a graphical interface, suitable for any kind of CBN tool grinding machine (at least five-axis), each stage of development of the equipment can be used. The operator will be skilled as long as a few days of training. Each CBN tool grinder numerical control axis can be configured with the relative coordinates, direction, limit, workpiece clamping position, the spindle installation position, probe, and rough tool. It provides unlimited possibilities for the overall layout of the CBN tool sharpening machine.

2.CBN tool grinding machine, the toolkit has a tree structure, where the function can be opened or closed according to user needs, in order to enter and browse information. With the help of the online help, the user can quickly establish the tool data during the operation.

3. CBN tool grinder, this toolkit is also optional with standard grinding and form grinding wheel. The grinding wheel (or wheel group) size can be defined by three-dimensional geometry; to select the specific grinding wheel for each particular process, and set the specific processing conditions, which are finished in the prompt of the graph.


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