CBN Tool And PCD Tool
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CBN Tool And PCD Tool


The different performance of CBN tool and PCD tool

CBN main processing black high hardness metal, such as Cui hard just and cast steel (iron), can be high temperature (1000 degrees), hardness is 8000 HV, is to improve the production efficiency and good cutting tool material processing difficult-to-machine materials. PCBN inserts image: PCD is mainly used in processing non-ferrous metals, such as non-ferrous metals. It can grind a very sharp edge to get a better-finished surface, which can generally reach 0.2 finish. The main processing objects of CBN tools are cast iron and quenched steel. The application industry is also mainly in the automotive engine and bearing industry. Compared with the PCD tool, the CBN tool is easier to process, and with the promotion of energy-saving in the automotive industry, more and more car engines using aluminum alloy matrix, so, CBN in the automotive engine milling by PCD blade occupies a lot. PCD inserts image  Of course, with the decrease of CBN tool cost, in the field of the automobile brake disc, the CBN vehicle blade has also replaced the share of conventional carbide vehicle blade. It should be said that with the increasing number of CBN material grades, the share of CBN tools in the traditional hard material turning and grinding field will continue to rise. Beijing Demina has to produce the PCD&PCBN tool grinding machine for ten years. It can grind many kinds of PCD&PCBN turning inserts with high efficiency and high quality.
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