China And Foreign PCD Cutting Tool Grinding Machine
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China And Foreign PCD Cutting Tool Grinding Machine


There are three foreign main types of special machine tools used for machining superhard cutting tools:

(1) Foreign PCD cutting tool grinding machine tools

This kind of machine tool in Swiss Ewag RS series of knife grinder are representative of the company, the grinding machine can use ceramic bond diamond grinding wheel grinding sharp and pressure to PCD, PCBN and natural diamond tool grinding, characterized by good rigidity, machine tool with a projection measuring device, is currently the most widely used abroad superhard cutting tool grinding equipment. Similar products and Japan Osaka diamond company, the United Kingdom COBOM company manufacturing PCD cutting tool grinding machine.At present, PCD cutting tool grinding technology is constantly improved, such as the constant pressure produced by the spring to pneumatic pressure, and can be adjusted in the range of 0 ~ 300N, to adapt to different grinding objects. For the convenience of controlling the grinding size, the scale of the grinding machine is equipped with a digital display device. Taiwan Yuanshan Company changed the projection screen and other optical devices of the original grinding machine into a high-precision camera system. With a precise measurement scale, the grinding size can be displayed and controlled on the monitor, and the online measurement can be realized without stopping the machine. The camera magnification can be adjusted from 15 to 120 times, and the circular arc of the edge tip of R0.05mm can be ground.

(2)China Famous brand PCD tool grinder

Demina has produced PCD tool grinding machines for ten years. They have main three models for sale. BT-150H is a manual type. BT-150H is Semi-automatic. BT-150D is an automatic tool grinding machine. They are all can grind PCD tools with high quality. The base of the machine is made of solid casting with high quality. The main component’s weight is about 1.6 tons. It has online CCD Measurement using the optical microscope and CCD camera, the magnification is 25~80 times. The grinding wheel oscillation is controlled by the PLC program and move very smoothly. The swing range is between 0 to 30 mm. The stable tool grinder can meet many standards and non-standard PCD inserts grinding.

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