Cutting Tool Grinding Machine
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Cutting Tool Grinding Machine


Cutting tool grinding machine kinds

Because the tool material is very hard, so, can only use grinding to change its shape. There are several kinds of common tool grinders in tool manufacturing and grinding: 1. Grinding machine: grinding the groove or back of the drill, end mill, and other cutting tools. 2. Top grinder: the tapered top Angle (or eccentric back Angle) of the grinding bit. 3. Cutting edge machine: correct the cutting edge of the drill. 4. Manual universal tool grinder: grinding external circle, groove, back, top Angle, cross edge, plane, front cutting surface, etc. Often used for a small number of complex shape tool. 5.CNC grinder: generally, it is a five-axis linkage, and the function is determined by the software. Generally used for grinding large numbers, high precision requirements, but not complex cutting tools, such as a drill, end mill, reamer. The main suppliers are Germany, Switzerland, us, Australia, and Japan.

Demina Precision Machinery Co., Ltd, founded in July 2003 in Beijing Zhongguancun Science and Technology Park, is committed to the combination of high and new technology and traditional manufacturing technology. As an advocate and forerunner of tool regrinding industry, the company has accumulated rich experience in technology and service during many years of product operation and can provide users with solutions for tool grinding. They have produced BT-150 series diamond tool grinder, and BT-560 tool inspection instrument, research and development control system, and application software of tool grinder.

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