Daily Maintenance Of PCD Tool Grinding Machine
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Daily Maintenance Of PCD Tool Grinding Machine


Daily Maintenance Of PCD Tool Grinding Machine

1. Check oil standard and oil quantity in the lubricating oil box of guide rail every day. Add lubricating oil in time, the lubricating pump can start and oil and stop in time.

2. Remove debris and dirt from the X and Z-axis guide surfaces every day. Check whether the lubricating oil is filled and whether the guide surface is damaged.

3. Check the pneumatic control system pressure from compressed air source every day and it should be in the normal range.

4. The air source automatic water purifier and automatic air dryer shall clean the water filtered out of the water purifier in time every day to ensure the normal operation of the automatic air dryer.

5. Daily pneumatic converter and supercharger oil level found oil level is not enough to time make up the oil.

6. The lubricating constant temperature oil tank of the spindle works normally every day with sufficient oil and proper working range.

7. The hydraulic balance system balance pressure indication is normal, the balance valve works normally when moving rapidly.

8. There is no abnormal noise in the oil tank and oil pump in the hydraulic system of machine tools every day. The pressure gauge indicates normal, no leakage in pipeline and joints, and the working oil level is normal.

9. Every day, the cooling fans of each radiator and ventilator of the electric cabinet work normally, and the filter screen of the air duct is not blocked.

10.Daily CNC input/output device check I/O equipment clean, mechanical structure lubrication, etc.

11. Every day all kinds of protective devices guide rail, machine tool cover should not loose, water leakage.

12. Clean the filter screen of each electric cabinet every week.

13. Check the liquid level height at any time by cooling the oil tank and water tank irregularly and add oil or water in time. If it is too dirty, it is necessary to replace and clean the oil tank, water tank, and filter.

14. Remove the collected waste oil from the irregular waste oil tank in time to avoid overflow.

15. Irregular chip eliminator often clean the chip, check whether there is stuck, etc.

16. Inspect the spindle drive belt irregularly. Adjust the belt tightness according to the instruction. If the belt is damaged, replace it in time.

17. Inspect irregularly the inlaid strip on the guide rail of each shaft and the pressing roller to adjust the tightness state according to the machine tool manual.

18. Every six months the ball screw cleans the old grease on the screw and applies the new grease.

19. Clean the relief valve, pressure reducing valve, oil filter, oil tank and replace or filter the hydraulic oil every six months.

20. Clean the filter and replace the lubricating oil in the constant temperature oil tank of spindle lubrication every year.

21. Check and replace the brush of the dc servo motor every year to check the surface of the commutator, clean the toner, remove burrs and replace the brush that is too long and too short.

22. The lubricating oil pump and filter clean the bottom of the lubricating oil pool and replace the oil filter every year.

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