Drills Resharpening By 5-AXIS Tool Grinding Machine
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Drills Resharpening By 5-AXIS Tool Grinding Machine


 Drills resharpening by 5-AXIS tool grinding machine

1. Check whether the drill bit is bent or not, and whether the knife orifice is intact. 

2. Hold one hand in the front part of the center of the drill bit, and use this hand as the 0 point, above the middle of the grinding wheel of the grinder.The other hand holds the end of the drill bit and moves up and down. 

3. Thus grinding the two edges of the drill bit.Notice that the two cuts are the same length, you can use a ruler.You can see it when you are familiar with it.Also note that the center line of the drill bit and the edge of the Angle should be about 45 degrees. 

4. After the measuring edge is worn, it can be seen from the figure above that the center of the drill bit is a knife edge perpendicular to the center line of the drill bit. This knife edge blocks the downward movement of the drill bit when drilling, and has a large contact surface with the processed parts, causing the slide of the drill bit and changing the drilling position.To this end I do as follows

5. On another specially designed slotted grinder, grind the transverse edge perpendicular to the middle line of the drill bit to a point, which is my ingenious treatment. 

6. When you look down from the head of the drill, you can see that I have sharpened the two edges of the drill into four edges.It's pointed in the middle.That's the advantage.During drilling, the bit is stable, the resistance is small, the positioning contact surface is small, and the hole is round. 

7. Put into use.The iron shavings are formed, the bit wobbles less, and the perfect bit is ground. 

1. A bit grinder is a swinging bit up and down, not a rotating bit. 

2, reduce resistance, stability is the position and maintain the size of the same principle. 

3, pay attention to the grinder injured hand. 

4. Don't feed too much at the beginning.Be consistent at all times.

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