Features And Procedures Of BT-150H Tool Grinder
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Features And Procedures Of BT-150H Tool Grinder


BT-150H tool grinder Grinding machine is the earliest called end grinding machine. Its structure is mainly gantry type. Mainly targeted at sharpening center, forestry industry, printing plant, papermaking plastics. Book printing center, medium-sized sharpening room, and other institutional enterprises. Main types: automatic sharpening machine, precision sharpening machine, CNC sharpening machine, woodworking sharpening machine. Scraper special sharpening machine, printing sharpening machine, paper cutter grinding machine. Multi-function grinding machine, double grinding Head sharpener, round knife sharpener, etc.

Features and maintenance methods of BT-150H universal grinder

The design of the grinding machine body greatly improves the strength of the body, increasing and extending its service life. The grinding machine's grinding head swinging angle of 30° is the original design with the swinging angle of more than 90°. Which makes the upper and lower workpieces and the replacement grinding wheel more convenient and faster. The grinding head of the sharpening machine adopts the automatic feed design when feeding the cutter. Which improves the degree of automation. The manpower and time necessary for manual feeding are effectively saved, and the labor level of the operator is improved.

BT-150H tool grinder maintenance of the sharpener

A BT-150H tool grinder is a high-precision machine that maintains its service life. The track plate parts should be lubricated frequently. The machine should clean after each grinding. If the grinding wheel is broken or notched, it should replace in time.

Characteristics and operation steps of BT-150H tool grinder

Knife sharpeners are machines that are used in many industries, but sharp. Hard abrasive products are an important component of the sharpener to grind softer materials. They must harder than the material to process. In general, the grinding wheel is the most important abrasive product of the sharpening machine. It is mixed by abrasive and binder in a certain proportion, sintered by compression molding. And finally must be shaped, balanced and over speed tested. Abrasive cloth and sandpaper are another kind of abrasive products with a larger output of the sharpening machine. The abrasive grains are bonded to the base material and dried and cut into different specifications. Others are powder or granular abrasives. Which need to be processed by certain processes after screening to meet the needs of different working conditions of the sharpener. 1. Place the knife on the knife table of the sharpening machine to control the amount of the tool to detect. You can fine-tune the top wire. Turn on the magnetization switch of the electromagnetic device button of the sharpener to make the knife stick to the knife table. And adjust the position of the grinding wheel and the blade angle. 2. Turn on the power of the sharpening machine. Turn on the power switch and the machine will enter the normal working state. 3. Turn the knife hand wheel of the sharpening machine to make the blade advance slowly and evenly until it comes into contact with the grinding wheel. Adjust the tightness of the blade and the grinding wheel, so that the grinding wheel and the blade can work well.
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