Features Of CNC 5-Axis Tool Grinding Machine
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Features Of CNC 5-Axis Tool Grinding Machine


Features Of CNC 5-Axis Tool Grinding Machine

1. It can be equipped with an advanced man-machine conversational NC system, which can not only program G code but also uses tool software. The system is safe, stable, convenient, and anti-electromagnetic interference. The program transmission between CNC and PC can be realized through an Ethernet interface and USB2.0, which can be started with one key in the shortest processing preparation time so that the productivity can be greatly improved.

2. Equipped with 3D simulation software, the necessary parameters of tool processing can be displayed in the form of a dialog box. After parameter input, the tool simulation can display the 3d graphics of the tool and the grinding steps of the machine. Use the anti-collision function of the software to avoid the collision phenomenon in the actual machining process.

3. The corresponding software module can be used to process all kinds of tools, through the selection of probe, automatic cycle measurement of the workpiece and tool wear compensation, that is, the production of tools and repair tool.

4. Make the ∅0.5 or above of the blade diameter and change the ∅150 or less of the cutter by changing the main shaft power.

5. Heavy design, gantry frame structure, good rigidity, high strength, good stability.

6. Imported screw and guide rail ensure high accuracy, high sensitivity, and good stability.

7. The rotating shaft is equipped with an imported high-precision worm wheel and worm, which can drive smoothly and accurately.

8. Can install the top and simple support point, used for long tool production.

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