Knowledge Of Five-axis Grinding Machine
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Knowledge Of Five-axis Grinding Machine


The first thing we need to do is to understand what is a five-axis machining center. Five Axis (5 Axis Machining), as the name implies, refers to the addition of two-axis of rotation to the three usual straight axles (X, Y, Z). Two of A, B, C three rotation axis with different forms of exercise. The axis of rotation can be A axis, can also be A B or C axis, the axis of rotation can rotate 360 degrees. In addition to the axis of rotation. The swing axis is defined (such as A axis), the remaining one of the two axes (e.g., B or C). Swing axle can only be carried out within a certain Angle oscillation (e.g., plus or minus 90 degrees). machining tool

Principle of five-axis grinding machine

The principle of the five-axis grinding machine also is the same. Compared with the conventional triaxial and four-axis machine with higher spatial degrees of freedom. So it has the characteristics of high efficiency, high precision. And one clamping workpiece pentahedron processing can complete.
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