Maintenance Work After Use Of PCD & CBN Tool Grinders
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Maintenance Work After Use Of PCD & CBN Tool Grinders


Tool grinding machines have high grinding efficiency and precise grinding, so they are now widely used in many industries. We must know that the tool grinding machine not only pays attention to some operation problems when it is used, but also the aftercare work of the equipment is very important. This greatly affects the service life and working efficiency of the tool grinding machine. The following Beijing Demina will give you an example of BT-150J PCD & CBN Tool Grinders to summarize how to do a good job of tool grinder aftercare.

Maintenance Work Of PCD & CBN Tool Grinders

1. After the tool grinder is finished, in order to ensure the equipment is clean, must clean the equipment. Especially the sliding parts should be lubricated with oil after cleaning.

2. We should clean the filtering components once a week to prevent them from being blocked, which will affect the filtering effect.

3. The suction cups should properly keep and well maintained. The disk surface accuracy should meet the specified requirements to ensure working accuracy.

4. Manual PCD tool grinder the selection of grinding wheel should be carried out carefully, and it should be determined according to the specific situation.

5. The main shaft end and the flange of the grinding wheel should be coated with an oil film for anti-rust treatment to prevent rust.

6. The oil circuit should be kept clear, if there is a blockage, it should be cleaned in time.

7. The lubricating oil in the grinder may not be effective after using it several times, so it must be replaced after one month of use, and then it can be replaced every 3 to 6 months. When replacing, the oil tank and filter underneath should be cleaned and cleaned.

8. BT-150J PCD Grinder is operated for 600 hours for first-level maintenance. It is mainly performed by operators and repair workers. Turn off the power first, and then perform maintenance work.

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