Methods Of Correctly Use The Universal Edger
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Methods Of Correctly Use The Universal Edger


Demina company produced the PCD universal edge grinder is suitable for processing the straight bottom edge and a 45-degree angle, skirting line grinding and polishing of different sizes and thickness of the flat stone. This equipment adopts variable frequency worm gear speed regulation, and the speed regulation is linear and convenient. Each edge shape can be completed by one machine, and the surface smoothness after processing is the same as the polished stone matrix. Through the novel structure design of the equipment, it is easy to adjust the different thickness of the plate. In addition, the edging machine has the characteristics of advanced structure, high precision, simple and convenient operation, continuous processing, energy-saving, and low noise.

How to use the universal edger correctly

1. Before use, move the small handle to make the knurled eccentric ball open, clamp one end of the rubber test piece. And then press the other end of the test piece counterclockwise to press the active pressure stick along with the work wheel. 2. Start the motor and turn the grinding wheel in the direction shown at the front. 3. Shake the handle of the so that the upper carriage feeds along the lower rail. The handle is equipped with a dial, and each grid is 0.02 mm. 4. The safety device is installed in the toggle handwheel. The handwheel can only be turned counterclockwise, otherwise, excessive force will damage its safety device. 5. The grinder should coarsely ground first and finely ground after working. Beijing Demina is a professional universal edging machine manufacturer. The equipment we produce has good performance and high edging efficiency. Users in need are welcome to visit and purchase.
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