PCBN Insert Cutting Parameters
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PCBN Insert Cutting Parameters


Parameters Of The PCBN Insert Cutting

1. Conventional cutting parameters
When PCBN insert cutting is roughing, we should ensure the highest possible metal cutting speed and the necessary tool durability, so we usually choose the highest possible cutting depth. Then select a larger feed amount, and finally determine the appropriate cutting speed according to the durability requirements of the tool. When we use PCBN insert cutting for finishing, in order to ensure the grinding accuracy of the equipment, we should ensure the machining accuracy and surface quality requirements of the workpiece. Therefore, generally choose a smaller feed and cutting depth, and choose a higher cutting speed as much as possible. Therefore, when performing PCBN insert cutting processing, we must choose the appropriate cutting workpiece according to our actual situation.

2. Table of cutting parameters of hauling ultra-hard PCBN insert

3. Calculation formula of turning to process

1. Cutting speed (Vc) Vc= PI dn/1000 (m/min)

Vc: cutting speed

PI: 3.14 (PI)

D: workpiece diameter

N: spindle speed

2. Feed (Fr) Fr=I/n (mm/r)

Fr: quantity supplied

I: cutting length per minute

N: spindle speed

3. Cutting time (Te) Te=Im/I (min)

Te: cutting time

m: workpiece length

I: cutting length per minute

4. Theoretical surface roughness (h) h=f2/8Re*1000 (m)

H: surface roughness

F: quantity per revolution

Re: circular radius of tooltip

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