PCD Tool Grinders Use And Features
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PCD Tool Grinders Use And Features


Use And Features Of PCD Tool Grinders

The machine is mainly used for grinding PCD tools & CBN tools and carbide tools. Not only can you position the tool.precisely and quickly by the CCD video system, but it also feeds directly to the position resulting in high efficiency. The speed of the grinding wheel can be adjusted easily and continuously between 1000rpm—3000rpm depending on the grinding request. The RPM of the rotation working table can be read out from encoder with resolution 1”.Relief angle to be ground can be adjusted by the handwheel and read from the main scale and its secondary divisions with resolution ±10’.

PCD tool grinders the video system is application software for monitoring, positioning and measuring the PCD tools. With Demina’s property right, this software can be updated without extra charge to meet customer’s special requirements. All of this eliminates mechanical limitations and increases efficiency greatly. The PCD tool can be easily located in the right position by turning the two screws of the cross working table. When the equipment is grinding, the angle and radian can be measured by the CCD video system, so that grinding can be performed and the grinding efficiency can be improved. The system of PCD tool grinders can realize precise feed, and the equipment can carry out automatic grinding work. This not only improves the reliability of the equipment grinding but also stabilizes the equipment.

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