Points To Note During Grinding Of APE 60 Drill Tool Grinder
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Points To Note During Grinding Of APE 60 Drill Tool Grinder


APE 60 drill tool grinder is a new grinding machine developed and manufactured by Demina. The grinding range of this equipment: center drill, NC drill, grinding drill, step drill, spiral tap, chamfer cutter, straight groove tap, end mill, and round bar. The working table adopts two types of dovetail guide rails and high-precision linear rolling guide rails. The bed is balanced and the operation is lightweight.

During the grinding work, the machine’s motor can rotate 360 °. The grinding wheels on both sides can grind different drill bits by rotating the grinding wheels when grinding drill equipment of different materials. Operators reduce wheel exchange time and increase equipment safety.

Points To Note During Grinding Of APE 60 Drill Tool Grinder

1. Before tool grinder processing
The APE 60 universal drill tool grinder is in place. Check that all joints such as oil pipes, electrical wires, and water pipes are locked. When the drive parts of the grinding machine are powered on, please use a manual test machine to ensure that the drive of each part has been turned over. In addition, the operator also needs to pay attention to the rotation of the spindle of the grinding machine, the matching of the grinding wheel and the processing data, and the balance of the grinding wheel.

2.Grinding machine grinding
When starting grinding, check whether the workpiece is attracted or clamped securely, and the distance between the grinding wheel and the workpiece. Investigate the running speed of each transmission component and feed during processing to prevent accidental detection. The order of startup magnetic disk magnetism, oil pressure, grinding wheel, on-off valve, water pump. The order of shutdown is an on-off valve, water pump, oil pressure, spindle, disk demagnetization.

3. Routine maintenance after using the grinder
The operator cleans up the grinding machine’s workbench and surrounding waste before leaving work and investigates the surroundings of the grinding machine for oil and water leakage. Regularly check the smoothness of the grinder guide every week. Clean up the cooling water tank of the grinder every 15-20 days, and change the smooth oil of the machine tool rail every 3-6 months. When changing the guide rail, please clean the smooth oil pool and the filter of the oil pump, and replace the hydraulic oil every 1 year.

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