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  • BT-150HS Pneumatic Lifting Diamond Tool Grinder

    BT-150HS Pneumatic Lifting Diamond Tool Grinder is an economical tool for manufacturing and grinding PCD, PCBN and CVD tools; Manufacturing and grinding cemented carbide and high-speed steel non-standard blades. When grinding standard or non-standard welding turning tools, clamping blades, boring tools, grooving tools and other types of tools. BT-150HS Pneumatic Lifting Diamond Tool Grinder is easy to grind angle and arc transition edges on these tools.

  • BT-150H PCD CBN Tool Grinder

    BT-150H cutter grinding machine grinding wheel spindle radial locking technology: the technology makes the two arc guide rail hold tight in concave and convex, with the spring of the elastic compression, adjusting angle automatically in the control panel through the motor. Users who have used this equipment know that the BT-150H PCD CBN tool grinder can grind tool.High-quality BT-150H PCD CBN tool grinder has the advantages of no clearance and smooth contact and greatly improves the rigidity of the equipment. The adjustment of the grinding wheel elevation (relief angle of the tool) does not change the position of the center line of the grinding wheel. Therefore, coarse grinding and fine grinding need not adjust the height of the grinding wheel. If you want to consult BT-150H PCD CBN tool grinder price, you can come to us.

  • BT-150HG PCD Tool Grinder

    BT-150HG PCD tool grinder use adopts the “constant pressure grinding” technology. BT-150HG PCD tool grinder, the feed slider is driven by constant pressure air, making the grinding process balance and stability, ensuring high production efficiency and good finish on cutting edges. Precision BT-150HG PCD tool grinder is suitable for grinding the carbide inserts and PCD&PCBN tools, PCD tool analyzer. If you would like to consult the BT-150HG PCD tool grinder price, you can come to consult.

  • BT-150H Universal Grinder

    BT-150H tool grinder is very convenient and easy to operate. Many of our customers choose this machine to grind their PCD&PCBN tool grinding machine and carbide inserts. This manual machine BT-150 H universal grinder is also can use two types of wheel grinding of the diamond bruting wheel, ceramic diamond wheel. Demina Precision Machinery Co., Ltd, professional BT-150H universal grinder for sale, and BT-150H universal grinder wholesale welcome everyone to order.

  • BT-150J PCD Grinder

    Demina Precision Machinery Co., Ltd, a professional PCD tool grinding machine manufacturer, we produce BT-150J PCD & CBN Tool Grinders is reliable in performance and easy to be operated. It requests very little manual skill and can grind PCD tool grinding machine, PCBN and CVD insert; It can also grind carbide and HSS non-standard blades, standard or non-standard welding lathe tool, machine blades, boring cutter, grooving cutter, and other variables, such as Manual PCD tool grinder.

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