Selection And Parameters Of Cubic Boron Nitride Blade For Machining High Manganese Steel
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Selection And Parameters Of Cubic Boron Nitride Blade For Machining High Manganese Steel


 Parameters of cubic boron nitride blade

High manganese steel has good plasticity and toughness when the tool wear surface is bad. After repeated grinding and processing, sand inclusion, porosity and other easy to collapse knife. Later, the cubic boron nitride blade of the ceramic cutter and metal matrix was used, and the phenomenon of knife breakage occurred during processing. Finally, the non-metallic binder CBN was selected to save processing time and improve processing efficiency.

Tool material selection: CBN tool, cutting parameters: AP(depth)= 7.5mm, FR(cutter)= 0.3mm/r, VC(cutting speed)= 80m/min dry cutting.

Coarse rolling, AP =6 ~10mm;FR/r = 0.25 0.8 mm;Vc =8 m/min;Alpha p=1 ~ 3mm;F/r = 0.2 ~ 0.4 mm. When the ap 1 mm or less;F/r 0.2 mm or less. Cutting linear velocity v=135m/min, tool durability :3 hours/edge.The blades can be rotated 8 to 12 times and last for 24 hours.

Cutting parameters: ap=2.5-4.5mm,Fr=0.25-0.4mm/r,Vc=90m/min, dry cutting, intermittent cutting.The workpiece is face milling with intermittent cutting.

Cutting amount ap=2.5mm;Fr=0.25-0.4mm/r;Linear velocity Vc=90m/min.This type of blade milling high manganese steel tool has a strong impact on toughness, processing surface irregularity, tools no longer like other ceramic blades and cubic boron nitride blade collapse or fracture.

Selection of cubic boron nitride blade

Non-metallic adhesive PCBN blade. It can not only intermittent cutting of high manganese steel, sand, irregular surface, but the irregular surface of casting defects is also particularly suited to high manganese steel parts especially the processing of large parts. Improves the machining efficiency is not only the speed of increase, due to the increase of cutting depth greater extent. It can avoid further work hardening of high manganese steel, high manganese steel cutting characteristics. Material as a new high manganese steel tool material processing, compared with traditional hard alloy and high hardness ceramic tools. And ceramic tools and metal base cubic boron nitride anti-impact toughness can achieve efficient processing and dry cutting.

CBN cubed boron nitride non-metallic bond blade is the whole polycrystalline material cutter. Cutting depth of more than 7mm, than ordinary ceramic cutter and CBN cutter impact resistance. Especially for the casting process of the surface of the blank, can pull the rough car, the workpiece must be polished and leveled before processing. The performance and edge of this kind of lathe tool are the research and development of the machining performance of manganese steel castings. Do not use ordinary mild treatment, such as low carbon steel 45. Use a high manganese steel turning tool. Each tool amount is selected according to the different toolbar, can not be generalized.
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