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Small Business, Mighty Work


Beijing Demina Precision Machinery Co., Ltd is not well known, but it is well known that Demina specializes in machining tools grinding related business. Grinding is the birth opportunity of Demina, then becomes the source of its growth and will also be the direction of its development. Modern machining equipment represented by machining centers and its processes has claimed very high requirements for cutting tools. Precision, service life and structure of tools are becoming the bottleneck which affects machining ability and production efficiency. Expensive tools are a big part of the cost of production. Therefore, the re-grinding of cutting tools and drill bits has become a problem that cannot be ignored in the manufacturing industry. picture of gringding machine In a few years ago, the grinding of tools has not been paid attention to by the industry, but with the improvement level of manufacturing, the situation has changed a lot. More and more enterprises are aware of the importance of this. and more and more companies provide this kind of service. The effect produced by grinding (re-grinding) of tools is more and more obvious. In this process, Demina has experienced a continuous exploration of the developing road. We have been improving our products and services and striving to achieve better standards. There is a sentence can completely summarize our concept and goal:  Demina, an expert of grinding!
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