Structural Characteristics Of Superhard Tool Grinder
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Structural Characteristics Of Superhard Tool Grinder


Diamond tool grinding machine is used for manufacturing and grinding tools of super-hard materials such as PCD, PCBN, and CVD. These super-hard materials have high hardness (such as the hardness of PCD is HV6000) and strong brittleness, so there are special technical requirements for grinding, so this kind of tool grinding machine has special structural characteristics. In addition, manually operated machine tools are now the mainstream of ultra-hard tool grinding equipment. Because their complex grinding process requires machine tools with enough flexibility to allow operators to carry out the manual intervention. According to the grinding technology of super hard cutting tools, this paper explains the remarkable characteristics of this kind of machine tools.

Structural Characteristics Of Superhard Tool Grinder

The special characteristics are that the grinding wheel swings back and forth

The grinding tool used in the superhard tool grinding machine is the diamond grinding wheel. In order to extend the life of the grinding wheel and minimize the dressing times of the grinding wheel, the grinding wheel is required to perform reciprocating swing within the specified range, so as to make the grinding wheel evenly wear in the direction of ring width.

In order to realize the wheel swing, there are generally two ways: crankshaft connecting rod mechanism and NC program drive ball screw. The former is through the mechanical structure so that the motor rotation into the grinding wheel reciprocating swing. The latter is controlled programmatically.

Program control is not only a simple and stable mechanical structure but also easy to adjust and maintain. Figure 2 shows the control panel of the bt-150j ultra-hard tool grinder made by a domina company. The three knobs control the frequency, amplitude, position, and amplitude of the wheel shaft swing respectively.

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