The Advantages Of Octopus 100 Tool Grinder
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The Advantages Of Octopus 100 Tool Grinder


OCTOPUS 100 is a fully functional seven-axis high precision CNC tool grinder with five-axis linkage. For the manufacture of alloy milling cutters and drills with diameter less than 18 mm. Self-service tool grinding of large-scale mechanical processing enterprises and professional tool grinding services. Its performance-price ratio has obvious advantages.

Grindable tool types

The CNC tool grinder OCTOPUS 100 can grind high precision end milling cutters. The end face of the cutter can as follows: Flat-end milling cutter, Arc chamfering tool, Linear chamfering tool, Ball-end cutter. The machine can also grind standard drills, step drills and SUBLAND DRILLS. It also includes special drills developed by current well-known drill manufacturers. Such as Guhring, Sumitomo, Sandvick, Dormer, ADX/CDX, Hertel, Cleveland, Titex and so on. It can also grind hard taps, countersunk holes, flat bottom holes and reamers, etc. As shown in the following figure:

Equipment Accuracy and Tool Grinding Accuracy

The accuracy of the equipment is the key to directly guarantee the grinding accuracy of the tool. Octopus 100 CNC tool grinder minimizes the amount of investment under the condition that it meets the requirements of engine production to the greatest extent. The tool clamping method of Octopus 100 CNC tool grinder is precision hydraulic tool holder, pneumatic tension. The accuracy level of the equipment is 0.005-0.008mm. And grinding accuracy is 0.008-0.01 mm.

Automation and Tool Grinding Efficiency

Conversational programming for the same kind of cutter can complete all grinding operations at one time by calling program, which is highly automated. The operators needn't to have experience in tool grinding. But they are required to be familiar with computer application software. In addition, operators should have experience in tool use, such as young skilled workers.
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