The Identify And Installation Of Grinding Wheel
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The Identify And Installation Of Grinding Wheel


Grinding wheel in the mechanical industry and grinding work. More and more widely used, so that much professional academic staff. Continue to innovate and research and study for the identification and installation of the grinding wheel. Below, we give you some advice, in the identification and installation of grinding wheel

Avoid unnecessary problems

The selection of the grinding wheel is mainly determined according to the conditions of the grinding machine. The shapes of the workpiece, material properties, and other factors. Generally, the appearance and cracks of the grinding wheel need to be carried out after the grinding wheel is selected identification. But sometimes the cracks in the grinding wheel is not easy to observe, should use the sound test method. Such as the mallet tap to listen to the sound, the sound of salt is no crack a good grinding wheel. As for the selection of grinding wheel should consider comprehensively. In consideration of size, generally should as large as possible to choose the outer diameter. Vertical grinding should select a wide grinding wheel. When grinding the inner circle, the outer diameter of the grinding wheel should about 2/3 of the diameter of the workpiece. Special attention should pay to the fact that the linear speed of the grinding wheel is not allowed to exceed the market value.

Balance and installation of grinding wheel

Sometimes, during the installation of the grinding wheel, the unbalanced grinding wheel will vibrate when rotating at a high speed. This will affect the machining quality measuring and machine tool accuracy. Serious inches will also cause grinding wheel rupture, endangering the safety of people and equipment. The main reason for unbalance is that the density of each part of the grinding wheel is not uniform, geometric asymmetry and installation eccentricity. Therefore, we must balanced the grinding wheel before installation. The balance of grinding wheel includes static balance and dynamic balance two kinds: - under normal circumstances, only do static equilibrium. And in high-speed grinding and high precision grinding, must enter the action balance. For large diameter grinding wheel, in use - section after the time, due to the grinding wheel wear, there may be an imbalance, need to balance again. Through the above analysis, I believe that everyone will have a certain understanding of grinding wheel identification and installation. So as to avoid various problems in the installation of the grinding wheel, causing damage to the workpiece, etc.  
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