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The manufacturing method of a high-precision grinding wheel dressing machine


When machining a workpiece, it is often necessary to grind the surface of the workpiece and process grooves and curved surfaces on the workpiece. When processing the workpiece, the grinding wheel will wear out. Therefore, after the grinding wheel has been used for a certain period of time, the grinding wheel must be dressed with the aid of a grinding wheel dresser so that the grinding wheel can regain the shape accuracy and sharpness of the surface. The existing shaping wheel dressing schemes generally use multiple equipment and instruments such as a grinding wheel dresser, an arc grinding wheel dresser, a sine gauge, a projector, and a trial grinding model, and these instruments and equipment must be used in conjunction with each other. The dressing of the grinding wheel can be completed by repeated dressing manually. The grinding wheel dressers used for forming grinding are mainly mechanical grinding wheel dressers. It adopts a prefabricated mold that is the same as the processed workpiece, that is, a diamond forming and dressing roller or a mechanical mechanism that causes the dressing pen of the dresser to generate the required motion track to dress a forming grinding wheel that meets the requirements of the processed workpiece. The trimming cannot be completed at one time, and the operator’s technical level is also very high. The tangent or intersection position between the modified line segments is uncontrollable, and adjustments must be made during product grinding, which will cause difficulties in product processing. The modification of more than three combined line segments and non-circular curves is even more difficult to complete. According to the above problems, a grinding wheel dresser was produced.

The grinding wheel dressing machine is developed and improved on the basis of absorbing the technology of similar foreign machines. According to market demand, it focuses on optimizing functions, improving machine performance and efficiency, in order to optimize the cost performance of the machine. It is manual semi-automatic control of grinding wheel repair on the existing market. The most advanced product in the whole machine.

The equipment is based on the overall vertical layout of the machine through two sets of bi-directionally movable cross slides, a rotating shaft with a rocker arm, and a rotating arm driven by a retractable motor to realize the dressing action of the grinding wheel working surface. On the working surface of the grinding wheel, it is possible to trim and form angled bevels, arcs, rounded corners, and other shapes, with high trimming accuracy, and a detection device (such as a projector) can be installed on the machine to directly perform trimming and inspection.

PCD&PCBN tool grinder adopts the different materials of the grinding wheel to be dressed and the material of the grinding wheel and uses different speeds to achieve the function of dressing. The dressing of the surface shape of the grinding wheel is controlled by adjusting the axis and the rotation axis on the two cross slides, and the final effect is determined by the detection while dressing.

An angle limit mechanism is installed on the rotating shaft of the machine. When the shape of the inclined surface of the grinding wheel is trimmed, the scale on it may be used to control the angle of the inclined surface. The detection device is controlled by a computer. The computer and the electrical part of the machine are installed in a separate control cabinet to achieve separation from the machine, which can better protect the electrical components and the detection environment from the impact of grinding wheel dust.

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