The Mechanical Component Of BT-150D Four-Axis CNC Tool Grinder
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The Mechanical Component Of BT-150D Four-Axis CNC Tool Grinder


Overall, the BT150D machine is mainly made up of a bed (almost all parts are mounted on it). A water shield (with an alarm mounted on it), an electrical cabinet (mainly installed with electrical components). A control panel box, and a cooling water tank. The following components are the main parts:

Grinding Spindle

The system, composing of the direct driven spindle (3A000)and the bracket where the direct driven spindle(3B000)is assembled. Offers a grinding force for the machine. The operation of the motor spindle can start and stop via the control panel. The software can adjust the RPM of the spindle and tilting angle can also be adjusted depending on tilting angle adjusting the motor. The software can control the angle size is set.

Swing Table

The system, composing of swing worktable (1B000), ball screw, servo motor(1C000). Enable the grinding wheel to swing left and right. The swing range and frequency can adjust to ensure even abrasion of the grinding wheel and therefore the high quality of the cutting edges.

Feed system

The system, composing of feed sliding table(2B000), slow pneumatic feed handwheel and rapid pneumatic feed rocker. A servo drive mechanism (2C000) and weight mechanism, can feed the tools to grinding wheel precisely and steadily. Rapid feed and rapid retraction can also achieve high productivity.


The system, composing of cross worktable (2A000)and fixture(8A000). Can clamp all kinds of tools (lather tools, inserts and dynamic balanced tools, etc). It is possible to move the tool radius center to the rotation center of the working table by the means of the two manual operated screws.

Video system

The system, composing of CCD bracket, microscope, CCD camera, LED light and industrial pc. Can display the video and machine coordinate in real-time and all kinds of software facility can apply here.

Control System

The system, composing of electrical cabinet, control panel and industrial PC, can control the electrical and mechanical components to achieve grinding performance. The outside of the electrical cabinet is equipped with air conditioning to adjust the temperature inside the cabinet to prevent the temperature of the electrical cabinet from being too high, thus ensuring the stability of the operation of the electrical components. When the machine fails, the tower alarm will promptly report the alarm.

Wheel dressing system

The system consists of a dressing wheel and a pneumatic motor.

 Measurement system

It is realized by the probe, and the tool can measure online. The measurement deviation can use as the “correction amount” input program to finally repair the qualified tool.  
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