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Tool Grinders


Features of BT-150N tool grinders

1.Mechanical Structure: The base of the BT-150N tool grinder is made of solid casting with high quality. This type of tool grinder has a grinding fluid shield to ensure that the grinding fluid does not spill everywhere. It can meet the grinding requirements of any hard material. 2. The optical CCD camera is properly protected from splash by a metal cover. The machine is equipped with lights and the bedside lamp inside. The cross-work table is adopted with precision guide rail and two tightening screws. This eliminates the gap, can withstand greater grinding resistance without cutter back-off. 3. With high precision grinding spindle and frequency control speed, the spindle power is 5Kw, max speed is 8000r/min. The inside of the main shaft of the equipment is cooled by circulating water. The axial runout is 0.003mm and the radial runout is 0.002mm. 4. the guides rail with a high precision roller, the use of guide rail improves the accuracy, durability, and rigidity of the machine. 5. Our company developed grinding software and can set various kinds of grinding parameters. 6.Reciprocal pendulum mechanism of grinding head: During work, the grinding wheel consumes evenly, while ensuring the grinding accuracy and roughness. Grinding wheel swing is controlled by the PLC program and moves very smoothly through speed optimization. 7.Angle encoder: after cutting tool detection, it can accurately restore the grinding position of the cutter, and avoid multiple grinding tools does not reset, digital encoder angle resolution is up to 1'. 8. Grinding wheel spindle radial locking technology: This technology of the tool grinder keeps the two arc-shaped guide rails tightly fixed on the concave and convex portions and compresses the angle automatically in the control panel by means of a spring. 9.Fixture: this machine is equipped with a positioning fixture. It need not adjust the CCD camera position in the grinding of different thickness tool. So the work efficiency is improved. 10. Lubrication system: intermittent automatic lubrication system, users can set time and intermittent for oil, ensure the service life of the screw.
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