ToolBox - Swiss ToolBox Software Is Adapted For Five-axis Tool Grinders
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ToolBox - Swiss ToolBox Software Is Adapted For Five-axis Tool Grinders


ToolBox - Swiss ToolBox software is adapted for five-axis tool grinders with different coaxial configurations with a simple configuration. And all kinds of control systems can be seamless docking, forming a complete system. The software can be used for grinding tools with perfect function in the grinding process and can grind non-standard tools which can't be matched by standard software package.

Features and applications of toolBox tool grinding

1.Characteristics of the application program

The software with a graphical interface is suitable for any type of CNC tool grinder (at least five axes) and can be used at all stages of development. Operators never become proficient in just a few days of training. Each CNC axis can be configured with relative coordinates, direction, limit, workpiece clamping position, spindle mounting position, probe and tool blank, providing infinite possibilities for the overall layout of the machine tool.

2. The structure of the tool package

The toolkit has a tree structure in which function nodes can be opened or closed according to the user's needs to enter or browse information. With instructions from the online help, users can quickly build tool data during operation.For the operation of the tree structure, we generally provide the following information: specific operation options, geometric parameters, machine structure, grinding process parameters, grinding cycle definition, parameter modification, specific process parameters, process input, and output skills.For example, for the treatment of the tool groove, the software not only provides the basic algorithm based on groove shape but also provides the supplementary processing of integrated grinding wheel shape.The various elements in the tool structure are dynamically established based on tool options.In contrast to the structure of the tool type, each tool has a structure formed by several operations.Such as both simulations can also be in the actual grinding machine tool.

3. Grinding wheel

The tool kit can choose standard grinding wheel or molding grinding wheel, the shape of the grinding wheel, the size of the grinding wheel (or grinding wheel group) are defined by the three-dimensional geometry;Specific grinding wheels can be selected for each specific procedure, and specific processing conditions can be set, all of which are completed with graphical tips.

4. Introduction of grinding wheel/grinding wheel group

The following are the standard functions of the software: setting the size of the grinding wheel, type, and function of the grinding wheel, axial position of the grinding wheel, rotation direction, material and composition of the grinding wheel group, etc.

5. Definition of grinding wheel shape

The following are the standard functions of the software: geometric parameters of the grinding wheel, automatic drawing of the shape of the grinding wheel, and automatic generation of the shape of the grinding wheel according to the shape of the groove of the tool.

6. The definition of the cutter

The software can define a variety of shapes of the cutter, including milling cutter, drill, deep hole drill, ball head, corner, and taper; The cutter body includes cylinder, cone, step drill, cross tooth, contour, and tap. The combination of these elements (such as the drill and milling cutter) can form a special tool.

These tools can be any combination of left and right spirals and left and right tangents.Degrees can be equally or unequally divided. Each cutter body can grind different groove shapes (one or more of each tooth). The shape of the head is standard.

7. Database

Every tool shape has a database to hold its data, and software systems have a universal database. Application databases support arbitrary searches and searches with given criteria. Users can define meaningful programs based on their personal experience, all with the help of graphical tips.

8. Graphic simulation

In order to accurately reflect the machining state, all grinding operations have graphical simulation, the user can determine the shape and parameters of the tool, and then observe the same grinding process on the CNC machine.

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