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Demina Precision Machinery Co., Ltd, a professional BT-560 tool analyzer manufacturer, we produce BT-560 tool analyzer is specially designed for tool manufacturer, tool re-sharpening center and tool purchase department. BT-560 tool analyzer can efficiently analyze geometric element and its precision of many kinds of tools. The precision has been accepted by the automobile industry generally and will be introduced to other fields. The angle setting of the analyzer is achieved by a rotary encoder, length setting is achieved by the linear grating, the image analysis software can measure the geometric elements and the measurement outcome can be stored and managed by the database. The unique V-block of China BT-560 tool analyzer can rotate and can do the 3D measurement with full view. When used is BT-560 measuring the insert tool.

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Product Details:

BT-560 tool measuring machine Product Features

1. China BT-560 tool analyzer, the horizontal movement of the camera helps to focus. It ensures the precision and frequent of focusing. 2. The vertical movement of the camera on a linear rolling guide can reduce the invalid friction, and control the repetitive error of the motion. 3. The rotary movement of the tool is used for indexing and different angle of view. In addition to the mechanical structure of the tool analyzer, the system also includes tool microscope of high precision, CCD camera, grating and rotary encoder, industrial computer with video card and grating card, monitor and application software, etc. Base size: 470mm×570mm Height: 430mm Color: Black base, the rest is red. Power: 220V/6A Weight: about 150Kg Microscope measurement system travel: Horizontal travel: 150mm vertical travel: 150mm

Application and After-Sales Service:

1. In order to facilitate users to operate the machine, BT-560 tool analyzer manufacturer also provide the instruction and parts manual, not including the quick-wear part; 2. Warranty period: One-year limited warranty; 3. Delivery time: 45 workdays after we received the deposit if any special requirement can be consulted; 4. Payment terms: T/T, 30% down payment in advance, 70% balance payment before delivery; 5. Package: wooden case; 6. Offer Validity: 90 working days; 7. Quotation date: 24th, March 2017. BT-560 tool measuring machine, the application software can display the image of the tools and three coordinate values (X-axis, Y-axis, and B-axis). It can help the user observe the quality of tool surface, measure dimensions of tool profile and geometry element inside of the profile. In addition, it can record video and BT-560 measuring the insert tool.


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