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  • BT-150M Automatic Cutter Grinder

    Demina Precision Machinery Co., Ltd, a professional Carbide tool insert grinding machine manufacturer, we produce BT-150M automatic cutter grinder is suitable for massive production of carbide insert, PCD tool grinder, and CBN grinding machine. BT-150M automatic cutter grinder once centering is finished, grinding will be done automatically. The even consumption of grinding wheel can be measured and compensated by the system, so production with long cycle time can be achieved.

  • BT-150M Tool Grinder

    Demina Precision Machinery Co., Ltd, a professional BT-150M tool grinder manufacturer, and BT-150M tool grinder supplier, we produce China BT-150M tool grinder is designed for the economical manufacturing and regrinding of cutting tools made from PCD, PCBN, CVD, tungsten, carbide, and other materials. It can grind angles and radii on standard and special turning and milling inserts, boring tools, grooving tools and many types of special turning tools. The equipment is manufactured by a professional BT-150M tool grinder manufacturer, among them, the Semi-auto tool sharpening machine is very popular and used by users.

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